Energy ..Enlightenment…Empowerment…OH MY!

treerainbowSo as a child we all sat in our classrooms learning about reading, writing. and arithmetic. Never once were we taught that we have an energy body that comes with working intuition, inherent power to create miracles and a limitless potential to accomplish ANYTHING that we set our minds to! Instead of learning to listen to our inner GPS we were taught to listen to others, look to others to determine our self worth, help us make decisions, and yes we even looked to others to heal us. So, like Dorothy while she was in Oz searching for her “way” home  we too have had the answer all along.

Illness starts in the energy body, works its way through the emotional body and physically manifests in the physical body! In order to tap into our innate abilities to heal we must first learn energetic responsibility and step into our true power. Like bathing energetic clearing and balancing must be done daily to ensure efficiency. Like Gandhi stated one must “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you want Miracles in your like…be a miracle magnet, expect them, create them. After all you are a miracle…and like attracts like…

So rock this day out with your amazingly energetic badass spiritual self!!!