Heal the Healers (Group Therapy for Psychics & Healers):

In order to be the most effective healer, counselor, reiki practitioner, doctor, nurse and yes even psychic one must practice extreme self care. Putting the needs of the self first in order to be of better service to those we are servicing in whatever capacity we are functioning in must be our number one priority. This class is more like group therapy for healers, a place to vibe with like minded spiritual beings without judgement, recharging your batteries through guided meditation, reiki, shamanic and spiritual healing. Admission to these types of groups are based on commitment level to personal healing and approval of facilitating therapist. There are three classes currently, space is limited. Please inquire about possible admission through the link below.

Psychic Development:
These classes are for those who wish to bring out the psychic intuitive that is within each of us. The classes are intended for those who wish to develop their psychic reading skills into a practical, useful, healing tool. This could be to read professionally and/or to use intuition for guiding aspects of one’s own life such as health, relationships, and career. Each class is for beginners as well as those more advanced, and each class can be taken independently of the others. Students who complete four classes will receive a certificate of completion. Psychic theory will be balanced with direct experiential activities.

Class 1
Meditation, Visualization, and Intention – Connecting with universal energy and the true self for expansion, clarity, and healing.
Developing Psychic Sensing – Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Clairaudience(Clear Hearing), Empathy (Psychic Feeling), and Intuition.

Class 2
Reading the Aura and Chakras – Interpreting information, self-development, and Kundalini.

Class 3
Sensing Time – Past Lives and Precognition – Integrating past experiences and sensing future probabilities.
Distance Reading – Reading from photographs, phone reading, and remote viewing

Class 4
Mediumship – Communicating with spirit guides and those that have crossed over

Class 5
Make-up – We’ll cover the main topics that were missed by class members and add to those topics as well. Make-up for any who miss a class along the way or additional for those who have attended all of the others.

Advanced Psychic Development:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
These classes are for those who have previously taken Paul’s psychic development classes or for those who have had other psychic training. The classes are intended for those who wish to further sharpen their psychic reading skills into a practical, useful, healing tool. This could be to read professionally and/or to use intuition for guiding aspects of one’s own life such as health, relationships, and career. Psychic theory will be balanced with reading practice. The exact topics covered will vary depending upon the needs and the interests of the participants.

Soul Retrieval:
When we experience pain and trauma, we split off parts of our energy and Soul Light. As our Light gets dimmer, life gets harder and more painful, but there is always the possibility of retrieving and recovering those fragments of our absent self. In this Soul Retrieval workshop, we will locate and bring back important parts of our basic Soul energy for healing and integration. Each participant will receive a brief reading from the teacher to locate soul energies they have lost or displaced, yet may not be aware of losing.

Angel Communication:
Each of us has one or more angels that are with us throughout our life. Often the angels work behind the scenes without our conscious awareness to provide healing, comfort, guidance, and support of our life’s path. This class is about becoming aware of the angels that are working with you and opening conscious clear communication with them. Communication can take the form of vision, feeling, sound, and direct telepathy. Through a guided meditation we will open up direct communication. We will explore the levels of the angelic realm including the archangels. We will visualize embodying healing angels for healing assistance. Clairvoyant feedback will be given about each person’s angels. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Nepalese Shaman Drum Healing: (Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Here is a unique opportunity to handle and experience the sound and energy of antique Shaman drums from Nepal. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with the spirits of the healers who used them and the healing spirits within these instruments themselves. Psychic and healer Paul Meidinger will bring in his amazing collection of these sacred objects for us to use and experience. These powerful drums raise energy, release blocks, and bring in healing when played with intention. Each participant will receive a mini reading about where they need healing the drums may provide and a personalized drum healing from the whole group.

Exploring Past Lives: (Taught by Paul Meidinger)
If you’ve ever been curious about your past lives, this is the class for you! In this class, psychic and medium Paul Meidinger will guide us in a Past Life Regression, where we will be able to tune into past lives to see how they relate to this life, what talents and abilities we’ve developed before so that knowledge can be brought forward into the present, and how we can use all of that information to best develop ourselves in this life.

Medical Intuition:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Medical intuition involves psychically sensing the energetic cause of illness or imbalance within the body. In this class we’ll tune in to our body’s organs and systems to evaluate their condition and encourage them to heal. Each student will receive a mini-reading to assess their intuition level and what may be blocking it, or to reveal masked physical conditions.

Giving Psychic Readings:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Having the ability to “read” people intuitively or psychically and giving psychic readings for strangers in a setting like a Spirit Fair or private reading can be very different. Learn the metaphysical mechanics of giving readings, including how to tune in, asking yourself questions to get more specific information, and how to work with clients. Gifted psychic Paul Meidinger will give psychic information, observe technique, and provide feedback as participants practice reading each other.

Working with Native American Spirits:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Many people are discovering Native American wisdom, life ways, and ceremonies as avenues to connect with the Natural World and its spiritual and healing energies. So many spirits of Native American ancestors want to come to Earth and help us through this great time of transition but there simply aren’t enough physical bodies to go around, so they have chosen to act as Spirit Guides. The spirits of these grandfathers and grandmothers are around us all of the time and many are willing to help Indians and non-Indians alike with a good heart who want to walk the Red Road. Learn techniques to connect and work with these spirits. Get a mini reading from gifted psychic, Paul Meidinger, to find out which spirits might be already helping you or waiting to do so.

Channeling: ( Facilitated by Various Practitioners) 
Channeling is bringing through words and energies from higher spiritual beings by becoming a conscious conduit or channel. Channeling is a form of mediumship directed to higher realms. In this class we will learn how to reach an elevated state that allows knowledge and energy to flow through us. By meditating with intent and connecting with our higher self we become receptive to these higher energies. We will practice embodying higher beings to bring through clear and powerful messages. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Karma Burning:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Karma is patterns of energy from this life and past lives that effects our present path. One way to release negative karma is by burning it away with the spiritual element of fire. Releasing karma in this way can have a powerful life improving effect. This is a master level technique which we go go through step by step. It is not necessary to experience all the memories associated with the negative karma to release it. After karma is burned away in multiple levels, then the freed energy is moved into the future to stabilize a better future. It is then brought back to the present moment and sent out through the aura for integration. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Working with Spirit Guides:( Facilitated by Various Practitioners)
Everyone has Spirit Guides that assist with one’s path in this lifetime and with spiritual advancement. They help by providing intuitions and energy attunements and in manifesting our life path. This assistance may be totally unconscious or some general awareness of guides may be conscious. This class is about getting to know your guides personally and opening conscious communication that is clear and vivid. We will work with meditations to open the senses to the higher guide planes and to our higher self so that communication becomes expanded and free flowing. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Working with Crystals For Energy and Healing:( Facilitated by Various Practitioners)
We will start with sensing the different frequencies and properties in various crystals and gems. Once attuned to their various vibrations, using them to send healing energy to balance the chakras and remove blockages will be experienced. We will assist in choosing crystals that work well with your aura and chakras and show you how to do this yourself. Connecting with spirit to receive guidance on how to use the chosen crystals in meditation will be covered. We will use crystal layouts where many crystals are placed upon the body for effective healing and metaphysical advancement. We will give clairvoyant feedback about how each method has affected each person’s aura and chakras and help you to sense this yourself. If you have some crystals and gems you can bring them to class but it is not necessary to bring any. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

A Night at the Improv:(Taught by Paul Meidinger)
Being called upon to respond quickly without time to think is one way to practice overcoming inhibitions that keep us from letting out our true selves. Participating in an improvisational acting situation also raises our energy as it lowers our guard. Join us as we take turns engaging in improvisational toning, acting, movement, and… who knows what?, as we get past the challenges of judging and comparing ourselves to move toward greater freedom. Each participant will get a mini-reading to find out where they are blocked and how they might best be able to release them.

Healing Through the Chakras:( Facilitated by Various Practitioners)
The chakras are the energy centers that transform spiritual energy into physical matter. With our psychic senses we will learn to see, hear, and feel the chakras. By directing the intent of our mind while sending healing energy we can alter the imbalances we perceive in the chakras to produce improvement. We will cover the color, structure, and function of each of the seven major chakras as well as chakras outside the body. We will use visualization to improve energy balances in the chakras while being guided by universal consciousness. The chakras can also be used to download spiritual knowledge which we will experience in a guided meditation. Clairvoyant feedback will be given about each person’s chakras and we will practice reading each other’s chakras. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Soul Planning:
Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is, or why certain things happened? Have you asked yourself, or God, if there’s a reason for your life? According to current evidence from sessions with mediums and psychics in such books as “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz, “Soul Agreements” by Dick and Tara Sutphen, and “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, we actually collaborate with souls in our soul group and form a plan before we come into this life.
Psychic Paul Meidinger can help you get a glimpse of your planning for this life, and perhaps answer some of those questions for you. We’ll each get an individual reading from Paul, and he’ll take us on a between-lives regression as a group. He’ll also teach us how to use our intuition to tune into ourselves.

Crystal Layouts For Healing and Advancement:
We will use crystal layouts where many crystals are placed upon the body and around the body for effective healing and metaphysical advancement. Crystals will be chosen by their color and energy to resonate with each chakra. We will learn how to program clear quartz with any color frequency to have a similar effect to a colored gem. We will arrange the layout along auric and meridian grid lines to amplify the intended effect. Clairvoyant feedback will be given about how each layout has effected each person’s aura and chakras. As your own psychic senses begin to open more through crystal resonance we will help you tune them for your own insights. If you have some crystals and gems you can bring them to class but it is not necessary to bring any. This class is intended for both beginners and those with more experience.

Shamanic Dowsing; ( Taught by Jennifer Flack)

     Learn the basics about using a pendulum, while working in unison with your guides, angels and the ascended masters for your soul’s highest and best good. Learn how to use your own internal “lie detector” and trust your intuitive compass. Identify energetic patterns and blocks, and learn the basics of clearing them. Own your power, and learn how to listen to the small voice that whispers within.

Body Intelligence ( Taught by Jennifer Flack)

Dis-ease actually translates into  un-comfort. Through this course you will be able to effectively measure energy in your body and organ systems, identify stagnant energy and blocks in the energy centers(chakras) in the body that creates dis-ease. Learn to empower your body with energy, increase vitality and improve over all well being. You will be provided with a chart to access select areas on the body.  Blessed Pendulums will be available for purchase at class if you are in need.

Prosperity, Abundance and Manifestation 101 ( Taught by Jennifer Flack)

The Law of Attraction has been used for eons. Learn ancient secrets to manifestation, increase your abundance on all levels. Increase awareness of and mindfulness about your vibration, point of attraction, increase neural pathways to enhance abundance , creativity, and manifestation on all levels. Learn and implement affirming statements and harness the magnetic nature of your beingness.

If you are interested in attending these classes or have questions, please contact us below: